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「iFax」Personal – User Guide

「iFax」 Personal is a service for receipt of fax via 1-3 designated email(s) to user’s smart phone; tablet or personal computer. Through the 「iFax」 personal fax number, family members or friends can send fax to your personal fax number and user can get the fax through your email account(s) anytime anywhere (maximum up to 3 email accounts).

「iFax」Personal Key Features:
Ø Receive fax message via email instantly
Ø Fax message can forward up to 3 emails

You will be assigned an unique 「iFax」 Personal number after successful registration
(e.g. XXXX-XXXX)

How to receive「iFax」?
Step 1:
Your relatives or friends send fax to you from local or overseas via your 「iFax」Personal fax number
Step 2:
The fax (attachment in PDF format) is sent to your designated email address(s)
e.g. and
Step 3:
You get your fax by accessing your email account

How to change「iFax」Personal setting?
If you need to change email(s) or language, please contact our customer service
hotline 121 129.


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