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IDD007 / IDD007HD
One of the HKBN Enterprise Solutions landmark services, IDD007 international calling service leads you to everywhere on earth with high quality and competitive price. Just simply register for IDD007 / IDD007HD on your home telephone and mobile phone, and stay close to your family and friends anytime you want.
Call Forward Roaming
IDD007’s Call Forward Roaming Service enables you to divert all incoming calls to any local or overseas numbers including your mobile phone, pager, office and residential phone or any contact number you've assigned. Enjoying the convenience of international roaming service with significant savings, you’ll never lose contact with your relatives and friends.

Global Direct
IDD007 presents the Global Direct Service which allows you make calls from overseas to Hong Kong by using any local fixed line numbers or mobile numbers in foreign cities at an attractive rate. Global Direct Service is the best choice for you to keep track on activities while you are out of town.

IDD007 Calling Card
With IDD007 Calling Card, you and your family can enjoy IDD007’s quality service via any touch-tone phone to make calls from Hong Kong or overseas to any where you want. No deposit, connection fee or pre-payment required, IDD007 Calling Card leads your voice from the biggest cities to the whole world.

「iFax」 Personal
With 「iFax」 Personal, you can receive, monitor and manage your fax message via the internet anywhere and anytime. No more fax machine is required; all you need is just an active email address and internet access through your smart phone; tablet and computer. From now on, you can join the “mobile generation” of the new decade.

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